18 Things to Be Happy About


Life is so beautiful. I believe that the entire existence is made for our pleasure. We carry the burdens of our thoughts and responsibilities, and stop enjoying what we’re meant to enjoy. You might be sad today – tired and trodden. But life is not about being worn out. There is so much to be happy about. Take a break from all those dark thoughts. Take a break from your past and your future. Nobody knows what’s going to happen next. For all you know, you might get the love of your life and a million dollars the next moment. Don’t waste the present in being sad. Look at some things that can give you happiness right now.

  1. A sunny morning – Go and enjoy it. The flowers, the warm breeze, it’s fun and it’s free.
  2. An ice cream – Remember when you were a kid and all you needed to be happy was an ice cream? Go back to those days. Take an ice cream and enjoy it completely. Don’t think about anything but the ice cream and how it’s making you feel.
  3. Your family – Go back to your back. Spend some moments with them. No matter how many differences you’ve had. When you visit them and have a conversation, they’d be happy to talk to you.
  4. Workout – Go for a walk or a jog. Or maybe swim a little. Whatever kind of workout works for you – do it. With a good workout, you’ll feel more positive.
  5. Create something – Do you have the right tools? From an arts-and-crafts item to a coffee table – create something. If you’re not good with creating things, plant something. It will give you a feeling of achievement.
  6. Love – Love is the strongest power in the universe. Can you feel it? Do you have someone to share it with? If you have friends and family, great! If not, you can think about adopting a pet. Dogs are great companions. They will shower you with love.
  7. Learn something new – Learn a new language or a new instrument. Or maybe an art. Whatever it is, learning will give you contentment and you’ll feel happy about yourself.
  8. Your favorite food – If possible, cook for yourself instead of ordering it. This will give you more satisfaction when you finally get to eat it. And if you aren’t a good cook, you can always learn.
  9. Reflecting on your thoughts – Write down whatever you’re feeling. This way, when you compare your old thoughts with new ones, you’ll get to know if you’ve started to feel positive.
  10. You – No matter how much you feel that you’re not much, the fact is, that your existence is great and divine. And that’s a truth you cannot change. Instead of thinking about the negative things, you can actually start celebrating you.

There is so much to be happy about. But who’s the happiest?

The happiest ones are not those who earn the most, or have a lot of materialistic things. Neither are they the ones with power, friends, health, or even love. (This doesn’t mean you should give all this up for happiness).

The happiest ones are those who love their life and set small goals – and progress towards them. They feel gratitude towards life for all their blessings.

No matter how much you feel that everything wrong is going on in your life, there is ALWAYS something that’s going right. Here are some things that can cheer you up. Even if all these conditions don’t apply to you, some of them will.

  1. You are alive.
  2. Someone loves you.
  3. You are safe.
  4. Somewhere, kids are playing in the sun.
  5. You have your favorite music and you can play it anytime.
  6. You are a winner. You were the winning sperm, after all!
  7. If someone broke your heart, keep in mind that you’ll find someone else.
  8. Very near you, there must be puppies playing among themselves.

The world is a happy place. You just need to realize the happiness within. So go on and have a happy day!

Photo Source: PublicDomainPictures