10 Habits That Are Killing Your Happiness

Photo Source: myproana.com

At some point or another, we have all killed our own happiness by worrying too much or making bad decisions. Sometimes wrong motives wreak havoc in our life.

Life can throw several unpleasant surprises, but that is not the problem we face. The problem is with the way we respond to unpleasant situations. Here are the 10 things that destroy your happiness.

  1. You are jealous

Jealousy stems from a feeling of inadequacy. It not only destroys your happiness, but also affects your relationships. That is why you need to nip it in the bud. Don’t be jealous. Life is beautiful as it is. You don’t have to compete with anyone.

  1. You long for superficial things

The happiest are the ones who live for others. If you are always pursuing material pleasures, you are unlikely to find happiness. So stop chasing wealth and fame because you can never have enough of these things. Instead, learn to lead a modest life. Help others, because that can give you real happiness.

  1. You hold grudges

Do not hold grudges – they weigh a ton. Let go of them if you really want to fly. We cannot control certain things in life, so forget about them and move on. Someone did you wrong? Forget about it and let it go. Find your wings in forgiveness.

  1. You have too many regrets

All of us make mistakes, but they should not be a reason to regret. There are lots of things that you can learn from your mistakes. Move on and take another path. Understand that you’re not perfect, and nobody can ever be.

  1. You are too dependent on others

If your happiness depends on another person, you will probably never find it. Happiness does not come from outside. It stems from within. Look within – that is where the true joy resides.

  1. You try to correct others

Instead of trying to fix others, try to fix yourself. Look closer and you will discover that you have many flaws. Fix them before trying to make others perfect. You are the only person that you can change, so focus on yourself, and everything will automatically be perfect.

  1. You fear too much

Fear is a very negative emotion that will prevent you from accomplishing your goals and kill your happiness. The biggest conquest is the conquest of fear. The moment you conquer fear, you will find true happiness.

  1. You are selfish

Maybe you don’t realize it, but if you think too much about yourself and your happiness, there will not be many people ready to care about you. If you want others to care about you, you need to care about them. Being giving can be a beautiful thing – whether it’s in the office or in a relationship. Being absolutely selfless is difficult, but at least we can try to reduce the level of our selfishness.

  1. You are self-righteous

Self-righteous people assume that they can do no wrong. Plus, they think that all others are wrong. It’s like they live in a perfect world with their perfect actions, while others have some flaw or the other. However, the truth is that nobody is absolutely right or perfect. While others have flaws, you too have them. Fight the temptation to find a fault with everyone, and you’ll find yourself going towards happiness.

10. You are a pessimist

Your thoughts and your words are powerful tools that you use to shape your destiny. If you always indulge in ‘negative talk’, you are sending out negative vibes into the universe. As a result, negativity will follow you wherever you go. Change your words and thoughts for the better. Think, “I can do this”, instead of “I can’t”. Think good things and good will come to you. Believe in the law of attraction. While negative thoughts attract negative things, positive thoughts attract positive things. It might be difficult at first, but with time, you’ll start thinking positive if you start now.