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5 Things to Remember Before You Fall in Love Again


Have you ever dated someone casually? If you are a die-hard romantic and believe in true love – the kind you would encounter in storybooks, then you are unlikely to have done that. I believe in love that can withstand all odds and I must blame my parents for that. They have been together for [...]

Going Green with Envy? Here’s How to Overcome It


Envy is a universal emotion. All of us have experienced it at some time in our lives. You may feel envious when your friend scores better than you in class tests or gets a promotion you desperately needed. In general, we become envious when good things happen to others and not to ourselves. We can't [...]

Surrender to the Universe For Complete Acceptance and Faith  


Something goes out of control and we struggle – we fight – to get it back under control. However, fighting isn’t always the right thing to do. Sometimes, letting go can be very peaceful. I have noticed that things go smoothly when I don’t try to take control. It’s always better if you allow things [...]

Managing Stressful Thoughts with Simple Zen Tips  


The bills don’t stop coming, your responsibilities become more demanding, and you just can’t add more hours to a day. Life is stressful, and no matter how much we remind ourselves that we shouldn’t take stress, it’s not that simple. Managing stressful thoughts is easier said than done. But wait, maybe you haven’t tried the [...]