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What’s the Style of Your Anger?

Anger management

We all get angry at some point or the other. And it’s always good to let it out instead of accumulating it. The real Zen masters don’t get angry. But we are simple and humble beings who do get angry once in a while. When you do get angry, what’s the style of your anger? [...]

Simple Secrets to a Happy Life


Everybody wants to be happy, but for most of us, it is an elusive concept. We are not happy with our lives. Sometimes we don't have enough money or time. Sometimes we can't do what we have to do. Sometimes we are not good enough. All of us have got lots of reasons not to [...]

Easy Ways To Stop Overthinking NOW


Thinking is fine, but overthinking isn't. Very few people are capable of controlling their thoughts. Mostly people tend to overthink and fill their lives with fear and anxiety. They let their minds wander and often end up imagining the worse things happening to them. Overthinking is a big trap. It does more harm than good. [...]

10 Relaxation Techniques to Beat Stress


Relax, because you really need to. You do not have to head to a spa or a weekend retreat to relax. It is something you can do at home. Relaxation doesn’t require money. It can be done anywhere and by anyone. And if you are too stressed out to relax, here are 10 stress reduction [...]