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It is Not the End of the World.. Here’s How to Deal With a Breakdown


If you have ever observed children, you will probably have noticed that they have small breakdowns all the time. The reasons could be hunger, fatigue, or emotional issues like insecurity. It is not uncommon for children to have many breakdowns in one day, but these breakdowns don't affect them in any way. They might cry [...]

You Were Born Without Fear – How to Stay That Way

Overcoming Fear

A lot of people assume that courage is a special quality reserved for firefighters, soldiers, or activists. They don't understand that they, too, can be courageous. All of us were born free of fear. But as we grew up, fear crept into our mind and we started seeking security. Perhaps as a child you were [...]

Unpleasant Past Haunting You? Here’s How to Kick it To the Curb

Haunting past

Unpleasant experiences in the past can make your present existence miserable. People who have had an unhappy childhood or other problems in the past often find it difficult to lead a happy life. They spend their entire lives in misery, but they don't have to. Don't let your past rob you of your happiness in [...]

Not Achieving What You Want? May Be You are Making These Mistakes  

Life mistakes

Life is essentially a journey and our goal is to find and live our passion. But very often, our habits prevent us from achieving what we want. They stop us from seeing the truth. We all have our own individual habits that are detrimental to our growth. And then there are some habits that apply [...]