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Two Secrets to Staying Motivated

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You probably won't believe this, but you need only two things to keep yourself motivated. The first one is to make things enjoyable. The second one is to benefit from the positive pressure that our society exerts on us. Here is how to use these two tools to stay motivated. It's Motivation, Not Discipline To [...]

Enlightenment Therapy – Healing Mind, Body, and Soul  

Enlightenment therapy

Mind, body, and soul – they all combine to make who we are. We are not just the body alone. Traditional therapies only address one aspect of our being – the body. This is why many of us fail to find a cure to our problems. If your emotions are hurt, and you heal the [...]

‘Unhealthy’ Emotions Can Lead You To True Happiness – Seems Unbelievable? Read On


The word ‘unhealthy’ sounds really dangerous. When we hear anything tagged with the word unhealthy, we make sure to maintain a distance from it, right? Pop some cheer pills, and turn your frown upside down. What if you were to realize that these troubling emotions are not unhealthy, and in fact they can actually make [...]

 The Clutches of Addiction – Hard to Get Rid Of  Them But There’s Hope


Being sober is bliss. What wouldn’t an addict give for staying that way all the time! Addiction is not known for losing its grasp over its subjects. Many keep trying and failing. That doesn’t mean you can’t fight and win your freedom forever. You can, only if you take the right approach instead of sticking [...]