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Unpleasant Past Haunting You? Here’s How to Kick it To the Curb

Haunting past

Unpleasant experiences in the past can make your present existence miserable. People who have had an unhappy childhood or other problems in the past often find it difficult to lead a happy life. They spend their entire lives in misery, but they don't have to. Don't let your past rob you of your happiness in [...]

Not Achieving What You Want? May Be You are Making These Mistakes  

Life mistakes

Life is essentially a journey and our goal is to find and live our passion. But very often, our habits prevent us from achieving what we want. They stop us from seeing the truth. We all have our own individual habits that are detrimental to our growth. And then there are some habits that apply [...]

Love Yourself. Respect Yourself. And You Will Know What Life is All About

Loving yourself

Some of us are lucky to be born into families where there is love and care for each other. However, not all of us are lucky enough. What if you were an unwanted or undesirable child? Maybe your parents were not keen on having you for no fault of yours. Maybe they lacked the financial [...]

Little Mistakes Can Drain Away Your Happiness

Happiness Drain

We are often impressed by business entrepreneurs – their attitude, confidence, and approach. We even get impressed with the freedom and adventure that freelancers enjoy. But even people working as employees can enjoy the mental freedom and strength of entrepreneurs and freelancers. It’s all about paying attention to some of the mistakes we make in [...]