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Little Mistakes Can Drain Away Your Happiness

Happiness Drain

We are often impressed by business entrepreneurs – their attitude, confidence, and approach. We even get impressed with the freedom and adventure that freelancers enjoy. But even people working as employees can enjoy the mental freedom and strength of entrepreneurs and freelancers. It’s all about paying attention to some of the mistakes we make in [...]

How to Live a Life Free Of Regrets


We don't know for how long we will live. That is why we need to live and cherish every moment. One day, every one of us has to leave the stage. And when we are close to our end, we will begin to think about the beginning. It would be too late now. But don't [...]

Hit the Rock Bottom – What Next?

Hit the Rock Bottom – What Next?

Things can go wrong or they can go great, but in reality, things are neither good nor bad. It is our mindset that forces us to perceive things as good or bad. How things affect us? Things can affect us in many ways. When they go wrong, we feel bad and helpless. When they go [...]

Do Not Like Failures? It is High Time You Accept Them and Learn From the Hidden Lessons

be kind, change yourself, don't lose heart, happy and content, Negative emotions

Successes and failures are a part of our life. Each one of us goes through some unpleasant (as well as pleasant) experiences. In retrospect, however, your worst times can be your best. You just need to look at them as great opportunities to learn and grow. You get to learn a lot from your experiences. [...]