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How to Deal with Critical and Judgmental People


The people we meet every day have a large impact on us, our opinions, the way we think, the way we speak, and the way we perceive the world around us. There are some people who have an immense positive influence. But what can we do about the people who needlessly bring us down with [...]

Are You Limited by the Fear of What Other People Think?


  I used to live a half-life. I lived not for myself, but for other people’s approvals. I always used to see myself through the subjective lens of the world around me. And the lens was always a negative, condescending, disapproving one. This blocked me from the real world and hampered my interpersonal growth. It [...]

A Guide and an Insight for Emotionally Sensitive People to Win in Life


Why are you so sensitive? Why do you let it bother you? Can you just drop it and let it go? Why are you so depressed? Why do you let it get to you? If you are an emotionally driven person, you might be familiar with the above phrases. I, like you, frequently feel overwhelmed [...]

Things That You Must Do Regardless of What Others Say

be you

Life is pretty crazy. We are even crazier. Sometimes we trust others' judgments more than our own. We listen to them. We seek their approval in all that we do. But are they the ones who face the consequences of our choices? No, they aren’t. They why should we listen to them all the time? [...]