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Great Zen Body Can Be Achieved With Great Zen Mind. Just One Rule Applies – Change Your Mindset

Healthy Body

We are living in a world obsessed with thinness. Everybody wants to lose weight. A lot of people spend years of their life searching for a magic pill or cure that will make them slimmer. They try every diet plan. Sometimes they get the results they want; sometimes they don't. Some diets work in the [...]

Fear of Rejection Getting The Best of You? Time To Question and Develop Your Survival Instinct


The fear of rejection limits you in many ways. It kills your joy and makes you less sure of yourself. Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you stopped worrying whether others liked you or not? The root cause of fear Fear stems from our inability to lose. We are afraid [...]

Are You Really Honest To Yourself? Learn How to Commit To Your Own Belief and Truth


We are meant to live and survive as a society. But who we want to be and how we want to live are supposed to be our decision. As individuals, are we able to do the things we want to do, for ourselves? What stops us? What’s stopping you? There are many things that act [...]

It is Not the End of the World.. Here’s How to Deal With a Breakdown


If you have ever observed children, you will probably have noticed that they have small breakdowns all the time. The reasons could be hunger, fatigue, or emotional issues like insecurity. It is not uncommon for children to have many breakdowns in one day, but these breakdowns don't affect them in any way. They might cry [...]