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Why So Serious? Stop Overthinking NOW


It’s really surprising how the tiniest actions of the people around us affect our thoughts and our behavior. We are conscious about the way others perceive us. But do we really need to bother about all the little things? Let’s see why it’s a good idea to be not-serious for some time and just have [...]

Sticking With Your Past is the Most Uncool Thing You Can Do


Our mind doesn't rest even for a second when we are awake. It constantly keeps itself preoccupied with thoughts. However, by constantly thinking about the past and the future, our mind is denying us an opportunity to live in the present. We hardly ever realize what is happening right now. As a result, we fail [...]

Live a Happier Life by Making These Smart Choices

Letting Go

The simple things are almost always the most important things in our life. Unfortunately, we often fail to recognize that. We are constantly running after material comforts. We want to impress our friends with our achievements and material possessions. In this unending struggle to achieve more, we forget to live our lives properly. Here are [...]

Life is All About the Simple Things – Have Fun, Simplify


Life isn't very complicated, but we are. We have a knack for making even the simplest things complicated by thinking and worrying excessively. The easiest way to simplify our lives is to start doing the right things. All of us are eager to make our lives less complicated. We know all that complexity is sapping [...]