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How To Connect With Your Inner Voice

inner voice

As a child I was subjected to several incidents where I heard voices and was swept away by strong pangs of emotion. They were infrequent, but unpredictable in nature. Because I was a child, I often felt insecure by these happenings; they made me wonder if I was a freak, if I suffered from delusion [...]

A “Luckless” Life


“Good and bad luck is but a synonym, in the great majority of instances, for good and bad judgment. The prudent, the considerate, the circumspect, or the industrious, seldom complain of their ill-luck; it is only the grumbler, the idler, and the gambler who protest against the ills of misfortune.” - John Lyman Chatfiled, Day's Collacon [...]

Stressed Out? Here are Some Natural Ways to Beat Stress


Stress – We all have felt it at least more than once. And unlike most other things, all of us have a unanimous opinion about it: we don’t like stress, and rightly so. It affects our performance negatively, drains our pool of mental energy, ruins our mood, and makes our day counterproductive. If you’re here [...]

Life Is a Beautiful Journey

beautiful life

Remember when you took up a new activity with unbridled enthusiasm, with every intention of becoming the best in it? Remember how you abandoned that activity after a week or two of trying it out? Some of us take up guitar lessons with the aim of becoming a regular Bruce Springsteen or Jimi Hendrix. But [...]