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Mindfulness Meditation Isn’t Helping? Here’s What You Can Do


Mindfulness meditation – We’ve all heard about it. People say that it changes the thoughts and helps us feel better. It all sounds great, but it’s sad when it doesn’t work for you. You try to go to a calm place, but instead end up being irritated. Maybe you were focusing on your to-do list [...]

The Inner Critic – How to Silence the Little Judge

inner judge

  Ever since our childhood, we have been trained to criticize ourselves and find our own faults. We have an inner judge that monitors whatever we do. It examines every move, and frankly, it can make us feel miserable at times. I, too, have an inner critic who told me wherever I went wrong, and [...]

Gain Energy and Start Things with a Positive Note

positive energy

  Whether you’re rich, poor, tall, short, atheist, religious – whatever, one thing that we all have in common is that we all have some dreams. All human beings have desires. It’s true that they say that desire is the root of all sadness, but if you limit your desires, you can be peaceful and [...]

18 Things to Be Happy About


  Life is so beautiful. I believe that the entire existence is made for our pleasure. We carry the burdens of our thoughts and responsibilities, and stop enjoying what we’re meant to enjoy. You might be sad today – tired and trodden. But life is not about being worn out. There is so much to [...]